So basically it will work once if Soundgraph provides signed 64 bit drivers. The sequence of power-up appears to be important, see http: Next, add the following to your lird. I just tried the 64 bit driver and it seems to work fine the vfd is working. The vfd does not display anything until xp is loaded and the utility is installed. There’s little bit work in seting it up so I though I write some istructions if anyone else wanna try it. While it is cute, I may disable it, as it appears to prevent the computer from entering into S3 sleep mode.

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In case you found useful my work, feel free to offer me a cappuccino! On mediaportal imon VFD works perfecly. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

Antec Fusion Remote Max – Antec Fusion HTPC Shootout

These are great projects you guys are working on! Users Viewing Thread Users: Now screen 2 is activated if music is playing on XBMC. They don’t use a Antec Fusion case is the only down fall but the fusion’s LCD screen and the Nmedia’s seem pretty close in size and seem like it might vgd work. That’s about right when you consider what you get. Not our member yet?

It’s just it doesn’t like that the machine is suspended and then powered-up again.


I obviously missed that part in the instructions. We give away MediaPortal for free but hosting and software is not for us. It would also not start correctly when coming out of standby.

Antec Fusion – MythTV Official Wiki

Wasn’t passing Album data, and better checks for Null – should pass empty strings if null antecc avoid error message. How to disable the date in clock section? I played with the Antec software but found it didn’t do what I needed. I’ve been thinking about changing the power supplies connections to make sure it i powered up in the right order but I’m not really happy starting to mess with the HW as any warranty would be lost.

I have never tried to install the whole imon package, but the new driver works with old software on my x64 installation. The time now is The Graphic EQ is visible whenever media is played, and presumably the e-mail function will interrupt whatever is showing ajtec e-mail arrives, but it’s not at all clear when and how the other categories get displayed.

Looking inside the chassis, we can see how much space we have to work with. When the graphic equalizer is working, the 4. Certainly what I would recommend. Holzi July 4, I still haven’t figured out the volume knob.

But neither of those seems to support MC right now, only the system data part works, but I don’t get an media output at all. I have it displaying system info, media info, AP news info and weather info.


Antec NSK2400 / Fusion Media PC Case

Go to iMon manager and frontview settings and set this to the list of apllications to turn off the display. Please note this How-To was also copied to the How-to section, so I would post the reply to the How-to section as well.

Oct 19, 2. I prefer 1×16 because then the text has better readability from distance but if you like two lines of information then select 2x Page 1 of 2. The volume knob, the VFD, and the stealthed drive bay help complete the appearance of class. Returns Server IP and Port. You could make it by yourself if you have the programming skills.

I have one issue I hope someone can shed light on, I am using mythTV on the system the antec houses all the menu items and media itms display OK but when I turn the clock on I am not getting complete charcaters formed.