Views Read View source View history. To check or set automatic letterboxing do as follows: Might try getting a new box if I can ever get over my laziness about it Incidentally, I am now running it under Ubuntu 7. Make your gloves touchscreen friendly Apple? Then under devices tab I set the Tuning to use Motorola. Channels above 13 record fine via STB.

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No 5c channels YET. Setting DVD to skip menus and play movie automatically Some DVD authoring tools force you to create a menu when there is more than 1 title. Note that you will capture whatever the DCT64xx is currently outputing – either the current tuner of any channel or playback of a previously recorded show. MPEG-4 channels don’t work with 0. Works perfectly, and even seems to be stable with live TV. It is supposed to have power on, power off, and tune working.

How to use a Motorola DVR/Online help – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Works with 4 cable boxes. Press CablePower off, Select, Select.

Start the program Drag your transport stream. For my setup, using a Pioneer HDTV, low resolution broadcast material works quite well at a resolution of x Fedora 22, Myth 0. Capture of these channels die with the PAT too large error.


You’re better off capturing in MPEG-2 and encoding later. News from Macworld Facebook lays ground for ad push and payments with updated privacy policy Free advice: Some channels are always problematic, some give no problems.

Mythbackend will not get a lock and capture without modifying firewiresignalmonitor. Before Time Warner took over from Comcast, several channels were 5c’d. I use the avs into h, convert the audio to AAC and mux them back together You could use the trim command in avisyth. Subscribed movie channels with Pacific offset capture as expected. If this is the first time you are capturing you should record a short clip only and check the resulting.

DCT64xx Firewire capture and HD/SD to DVD guide

You will obviously need a firewire cable. I second that one. How can I view without recording? Tune channel, press firrwire button the put box in standby and then press “OK” twice to bring up menu or use scanfw from mythbuntu.

Same process as theirs. I had problems using the other firewire port and many others reported problems trying to use that one. David [ Reply to This ].


MOTO HD box DCT Firewire capture – VideoHelp Forum

To check or set automatic letterboxing do as follows: Works fine using Pace, P2P, Mbps. Research on the mailing list confirms that there are several other users with similar problems with the RNG, whether they know it or not.

I thought about using the trim command or things like that in the avs script Obtain the software and drivers needed. Strangely, this appears to be mostly SD channels and possibly east coast originating channels speculation. I did cap it to DV and painstakingly removed the pulldown, but quality is not as good as having the stream. The status query works, so at least you can check to see if it needs a power command.