The analog touch screen of claim 1, wherein the layers of semiconductive ceramic consist essentially of indium tin oxide or tin oxide. We use cookies to improve user experience and analyze our website traffic as stated in our Privacy Policy. To evaluate this company please Login or Register. All this makes magnetron sputtering a good choice when film durability and stability, as well as cost, are important, but the ultimate performance in terms of precision, scatter and absorption is not required. Bus bars 33 of silver particle-filled polymer thick film ink connect to the ends of the conductors

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The initial contact resistance of the palladium-coated switch was less than half of the non-coated switch, which may be significant, although the switch geometry was not identical.

Bus bars 13, 14, 15, 16 of silver particle-filled polymer thick film conductive ink, usually about times more conductive than the ITO layers, are formed along the edges of layers 11, 12 as seen in Dynpro.

Thin-Film Coatings: A Buyers’ Guide | Photonics Handbook

A thin film of indium tin oxide ITO is sputtered on the substrate 21 to form a rectangular-shaped conductive element 22 of from 60 to ohms per square over the top surface of the substrate The analog touch screen of claim 6, wherein the metallic film is an exposed surface layer on at least one of the semiconductive ceramic layers.

Analog resistance touch switches and matrix type touch switches have contacts coated with a very thin film, which in use does not form an appreciable amount of an insulating oxide, to inhibit changes in contact resistance and extend operating life.

The tip of the actuator was a 0. Demandbase – Dynapro Thin Film Products Inc Business Directory and business contact information for lead generation, b2b marketing and sales prospecting. If we’re missing a business and you’d like to make a dunapro, please do!

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In the invention, a very thin film of a metal, which in use does not form an appreciable amount of insulating oxide, such as palladium, platinum, iridium, gold, silver, rhodium or a mixture thereof, is coated over at least one of a pair of opposing, spaced apart contacts formed of a transparent or semi-transparent conductive material.

Metallic films of neutral color may be used as the coating. Hoovers features company data and profiles as well as data on over 40 million Evaluations of Dynapro Thin Film Products: A thin layer of gold may be used dyjapro amber coloration is desired.

The analog touch screen of claim 6, wherein the metallic film is formed on both the layers of semiconductive ceramic and is formed as an exposed surface layer on each of the semiconductive ceramic layers so that the resulting metallic films come into contact with one another when electrical contact occurs between the semiconductive layers.

This thkn important to the operation of an analog resistive touch screen. A SumoBrain Solutions Company.

Thin-Film Coatings: A Buyers’ Guide

The contact dyanpro was much lower than ITO alone at the beginning of the test, increased only slightly during switch closure cycling tests and generally provided much more consistent performance than ITO without such a film. Our free company profile report for 3M Touch Systems Magnetron sputtering generally represents a midground between evaporative techniques and IBS in terms of cost, quality and performance.

The analog touch screen of claim 1, wherein the conductors include two pairs of conductors connected fiom a top and bottom edge of one of the transparent layers and to a left and right edge of the other of the transparent layers. In a second test, analog resistive touch screens were tested for actuation life to compare dynwpro made with and without a thin palladium film on both contacts as described herein.

Table 1 provides a quick overview comparison of the thi coating technologies. When the switch contacts are closed, a very small amount of localized surface deterioration takes place. Find detailed business information such as key executives, financials and other corporate djnapro on Dynapro Those of ordinary skill in the art will recognize that various details may be modified in arriving at other detailed embodiments, and that many of these embodiments will come within the scope of the invention.

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A continuous film would provide an additional resistive element and possibly a significant variation in sheet resistance. A second plurality of transparent conductors 32 are formed of ITO material on the top of substrate not shown.

3M Touch Systems

Such examples, however, are not exhaustive of the various embodiments of the invention, and therefore reference is made to the claims which follow the description for determining the scope of the invention. Thus, fiml durability and stability are excellent. Bus bars 15 and 16 contact layer 27, which contacts layer 22, as seen in FIG. Both analog resistive and matrix touch screens are electrical contact devices with resistance type contacts. The analog touch screen of claim 1, wherein the metallic film consists essentially of a metal selected from the group consisting of palladium, platinum, iridium, gold, dynaro, rhodium, or a mixture thereof.

Contact resistance is maintained within an acceptable operating range over many switch operating cycles.

Bus bars 33 of silver particle-filled polymer thick film ink connect to the ends of the conductors Transparent touch panel switch.

Improvement in maintaining contact folm improves the important performance areas of product life and switch function consistency. The invention is also illustrated as applicable to a touch switch of the matrix type seen in FIG.