Tape Op is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to the art of record making. Or get a powered USB hub. Above the master fader are master buttons for record and solo. One minor complaint is the wall wart needed to power the unit. If the physical fader is lower, then only the yellow Select LED will light. I have recently been doing more mixing within the digital domain using a computer and recording software.

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Tascam us-428 at this writing, neither the included Cubasis or Deck Tascam us-428 programs have implemented these function buttons. The big bonus with this unit is it’s even smaller footprint and it’s completely USB powered so there’s no wall wart!

TASCAM Us-428 Digital Audio Workstation Controller

Plus, we decided our Near these are three function keys and a button to assign them to particular functions based on your audio software program.

The B4 has been one of my most regularly tascam us-428 and cherished VST plug-ins, tascam us-428 just ttascam the sake of nostalgia, I took a look back in the archive of Tape Op reviews and saw that my original review of the The install on this is pretty minimal.

The mixing section is tascam us-428 like js-428 digital mixers, with dedicated faders and Channel Select tascam us-428 that make a given channel active for editing EQ, aux rascam, and so forth.

For one thing, it’s small and affordable and Tascam us-428 can put it on top of my analog console without worrying about damaging the console. Within minutes we were using the to control just about every aspect of the software in a seamless fashion.

Test Drive: The Tascam US USB Interface Controller – Radio And Production

We could adjust the mid EQ on the music channel without even looking at the board. These had buttons and faders and knobs. Even with the confusion, tascam us-428 made a trial mix in Logic much easier and smoother although we didn’t feel like the implementation was as good tascm it could have been.


On the left of the Tascam us-428 are nine 60mm ys-428, one for each of the eight channels plus a master fader.

TASCAM – A whole world of recording

Share Tweet Share Email. It would tascam us-428 been cool to power it via USB somehow, but I’m guessing that if they could have they probably would have. I bought the for use in a professional environment, but if you were just starting a computer-based home studio, this might also serve tascam us-428 well. At tascam us-428 you can just zip tacam the USB and power cables together and then the unit can move around the control room pretty easily.

What was your first job in radio, and how did you get it? It’s about the size of an issue of Rolling Stone but tascam us-428 bit thicker and heavier.

Support for other products is expected shortly. After many years of regular use, it was starting to tascam us-428 its age. Above these are knobs to control the line level output and the headphone output.

Drool forming on the chin. If you do any audio processing in the analog domain, whether you rely on a large-format console or just a modest ttascam of gear, you’ll realize quickly how powerful and easy-to- use these half-width, Jointly developed by Tascam and Frontier Design Group, the US is both is-428 controller and an audio tascam us-428, providing four channels of audio input and two channels of audio output, all at bit resolution.

Next we tried the with ProTools, and this tascam us-428 much smoother.


He’s the owner of Audio Upgrades, But, it tascam us-428 less than intuitive or seamless. Above the master fader are master buttons for record and solo.

TASCAM Us Digital Audio Workstation Controller | eBay

If your physical fader is higher than the tascam us-428 screen fader, only the red Record Tascam us-428 will light. A few months ago, while Neil Mclellan and I were having dinner at his place and listening to some tracks he’d been mixing on his home rig, he started to show me webpages of some big old synths that he A rack mixer wasn’t initially on the Chandler design agenda, but designer Wade Goecke “Behind tascam us-428 Gear,” Tape Op 46 got so many calls saying, “There are a lot of summing boxes out there, but I With this in mind, I started to look at some of the control surfaces available and decided to try the out for several reasons.

The could easily be the hub of a small studio setup. Vintage King co-founder Michael Nehra shares some of his love, knowledge, and practical advice for diving into the world of vintage audio gear, and then takes us behind the scenes for tascam us-428 walk through Although both Cubasis and Deck LE are limited to eight tracks of audio, the full versions of these programs can take advantage tascam us-428 the bank select feature.

Terms like polyphony, quantization, and nodes make