As always please leave a comment if you have a question or contact me directly at ext Hope I helped, Peter. Prior to Driver Matic, all drivers had to be installed differently and required significant user involvement. From there I deleted the raw partition and re-created one large partition, then formatted. Unless, you only need one file.

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Whats more another user on an apple computer downloads movie files nook without problems. Can I reformat the WD drive and start all over? Hello, I first want to say that this is a great site.

I always double and triple check that wd my book 1130 usb device file transfer takes, but every photo file from my iPhone dump shows 0kb in the file details. I had a problem with my 3tb WD external drive not powering on.

Please, how can I read my data 1. I get a prompt that say: A week or so ago, it started disconnecting itself, and then would pop up saying that I needed to unmount first, blah blah blah. We have software called Recover It All that can recover your files. It is true there is devife different kind of weird devicr going on with some of the wd my book 1130 usb device Seagate and WD externals but nothing that removing them from the casing would prove fatal.


Western Digital My Book Problem Question and Answer – DTI Data Recovery

Thanks for any help! Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

I would love to run a program on this to retrieve my data but not sure how. I would try doing smaller amounts of data on the transfers.

Anybody has the same problem, or anybody can solve my problem? I bought a new case and dropped it in. I just got a western digital 1. All useful data was backed up by booting the desktop with Knoppix bootable Linux. Ed, If wd my book 1130 usb device are using the WD backup software then yes you would have to reload it I would recommend going into that software and removing older backups.

My Book/My Book Essential (USB ) | WD Support

I had similar issue. So I have a Mybook 1TB one of the earlier ones. The drive now works. I removed the diode. After doing some research I learned that there is a diode that commonly fails.

Now I can not see an icon with either of my two computers powerbook and macbook. I am not wasting my life on a piece of rubbish — its going straight back — think I had a lucky escape looking at all the problems wd my book 1130 usb device — lacie for me now!!! Here is a link to Recover It All. If a hardware device isn’t functioning properly, or if a program or game that you’re installing states that it requires newer drivers, a driver update will be in order.


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Dominicus, 3 years is about the shelf life on a hard drive. Drive light just stays lit and drive is un-discoverable in any deivce.

I have seen this before on a bunch of different occasions. If the drive does not show in Disk Management and you need to recover the data then call. However, if could also be that your hard drive is failing.

Western Digital My Book Problem Question and Answer

Try a free diagnostic now Introducing Driver Matic. I opended it and I realized the disk is a Mb unallocated disk. Meredith, It sounds like the drive was going, and has now failed.